Lacaton & Vassal Architects

Paris,  France

Submitted experiences

6 months – 1 year
I really appreciate my experience in the office! Here are several reasons: - As an intern, I was given a lot of freedom and responsibility in the design and communication of the projects. I can attend all meetings with clients, and I am involved in all decision-making processes. - I never do any work that I feel is unnecessary. The philosophy of the office is to make things clear and precise, without doing unnecessary decorations (no model-making, very few renderings, most of the time just drawings/collages to show the idea). - The office has a very flattened hierarchy. As young interns/architects, we feel free and encouraged to voice our opinions. It is a very empowering atmosphere. We are constantly learning, thinking, and reflecting. - It is a very international environment, and you are encouraged to take french courses after work. Many of us were not french speaking but we all improved a lot during our stay. - to summarize: some of the happiest and freest days in my life :)

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