Arhis Arhitekti

Riga,  Latvia

Submitted experiences

Full Time Position
> 5 years
In brief, the largest architecture office in Latvia, established in 1988, consists of approximately 35-40 employees, including 2 junior partners, 1 senior partner, and 1 leading partner. The office maintains a somewhat traditional structure and atmosphere. Nevertheless, it offers valuable experience for those looking to advance their careers in Latvia, whether by staying to develop within the firm or by eventually starting their own practice. Some notable architects who previously worked at Arhis have gone on to establish successful firms of their own. However, it's worth noting that some individuals have remained in the same position for up to 25 years, despite their long tenure. Arhis boasts a diverse portfolio, ranging from residential projects to large-scale developments like airports and museums. As for relationships within the office, despite having 40 people, most employees form close connections with only one or two colleagues. This results in a more fragmented sense of friendship rather than a unified 'family' atmosphere. The main partner demonstrates a genuine interest in the personal lives of employees, regularly inquiring about their families and offering support when needed. This level of care is appreciated by the staff. Despite offering competitive salaries considering the Latvian economy, they may not always suffice for a comfortable living, necessitating additional sources of income. However, employees are restricted from pursuing personal projects or participating in competitions outside of their duties without prior negotiation with the partners.

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